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  • Discretionary Balanced management for all types of mandates
  • Pension Funds, Not-For-Profit & Foundations, Individuals
  • Taxable and Non-Taxable
  • Domestic or Global oriented
  • Provides investment diversification across all major asset classes
  • Strategic Asset Allocation approach


Better than average returns with lower than average levels of risk over full economic cycles.

Investment Process

Stock and Bond prices can deviate from their proper relative values due to errors in assessing the secular environment, errors in assessing the cyclical environment, and over or under emphasis on either the secular or cyclical environments.

We systematically examine the secular and cyclical environments for stocks and bonds to determine the most advantageous asset allocations for our investors.

The secular environment determines the broad outline of the portfolio. Our analysis includes areas such as risk premiums, opportunity sets, and market inefficiencies. Based on this outlook, we determine the commitment ranges and broad characteristics for balanced mandates.

The cyclical environment is assessed by reviewing a broad range of economic data and market statistics on an ongoing basis, and the attractiveness of individual securities.

Portfolio Manager

Greg Peterson, CFA, Director, Portfolio Manager

Need More Information?

If you wish to receive detailed information about our investment services for discretionary balanced portfolios, please e-mail us at Mawer Information .