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Be Boring. Make Money.™

“Flying in an airplane should be boring. Heart surgery should be boring. Investing should be boring.”
Jim Hall, CIO

When Charles Mawer started the Firm in 1974, he had a single guiding principle: “do the right thing.” What this meant, and still means today, is to always put our clients’ interests first. And for forty years, a very important part of doing the right thing has been our “boring” investing approach:  Be Boring. Make Money.TM

“Be Boring. Make Money.TM” means ignoring fads and taking a long-term view of investing.  It means consistently sticking to a systematic, disciplined investment approach no matter what the market outlook.  And it means putting the investment odds in our clients’ favour by focusing on the things we can control.  For equities, this means constructing portfolios of wealth-creating companies, led by strong management teams, and bought at a discount to the company’s intrinsic value.  For fixed income, it’s focusing on investment-grade credit to provide investors with the most competitive advantage.       

While these are simple strategies, they are not easy to implement.  It’s hard work and time consuming, a boring process to be sure.  But it’s very exciting to us – in fact, nothing makes us more passionate because it delivers peace of mind to our clients and allows them the freedom to seek excitement elsewhere.

It may be boring, but it works.