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History of the Firm

Mawer Investment Management Ltd. (Mawer), headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, was founded in 1974. The Firm is an independent corporation controlled by internal investment professionals.

The early days of Mawer focused on private clients and not-for-profit institutional investors, primarily in Calgary and western Canada. Starting in 1987 Mawer launched a family of mutual funds to provide a diversified range of investment options to both institutional and private investors. In 1999, the Firm introduced a family of pooled funds for institutional investors. In 2000, Mawer designed and launched TEAM, a Tax Effective Asset Management program for both private clients and wrap programs across Canada. In 2003, Mawer added Series O versions of all of its mutual funds, thereby accommodating the unique needs of certain clients. In 2011, Mawer opened its second office in Canada - a Toronto institutional sales and service office. In 2012 Mawer became registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States to offer institutional investment management.

Today, Mawer offers a broad range of investment strategies to foundations and not-for-profit organizations, corporate pension plans, strategic alliances with other financial service companies, and private investors.




Did You Know?

Our very first client that Charles Mawer founded the firm on in 1974 is still with us today.