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Portfolio Management

Segregated Portfolio Management 

Mawer Investment Management Ltd. provides segregated portfolio management for investors who require this approach. Segregated portfolios are traditionally investment portfolios that are segregated from the assets of pooled funds. In other words, segregated portfolios are individually managed mandates that operate according to the unique criteria, guidelines and constraints established by the investor.

This approach should not be confused with the segregated funds offered by many insurance companies. In recent years, some Canadian life insurance companies launched so-called segregated pooled funds which offered investment merits that were similar to mutual funds, except that these products also provided certain guarantees on capital that were not available in other traditional, market-based investment products. Insurance companies called these products "segregated funds" because the assets were segregated from the general assets of the insurance company.

Mawer will work with clients to establish a unique Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives, then construct segregated portfolios comprised of individually selected securities to achieve each investors goals. Investment reporting is also customized to provide detailed reporting for the portfolio.

Mawer provides segregated portfolio management for institutional investors, including pension funds, not-for-profit and foundation organizations, and other financial institutions (strategic alliance partners). Portfolios must be at least $20 million.

Mawer provides segregated portfolio management to individual investors.  Portfolios must be at least $2 million. 

Is Mawer compliant with NI 24-101? 

Yes, Mawer has established, maintains, and enforces policies and procedures designed to achieve matching in accordance with NI 24-101.

Our Trade-Matching Statement can be found here.

How to Read Your Mawer Portfolio Valuation Detail Report 

This report contains a lot of detailed information. It summarizes (a) the amount and type of securities you hold, (b) how much you paid for your securities, and (c) how much your securities are worth at a certain date.

Download [ (PDF 18.7 KB)

How to Read Your Mawer Portfolio Performance Report 

The performance report data fields are defined here, along with a description of how the portfolio is indexed, and how returns are calculated.

Download [ (PDF 18.7 KB)


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