Throughout our history, clients have trusted Mawer to help them reach their unique investment goals. We are pleased to offer a number of ways to invest with Mawer based on your level of investment and desired advice.

Mawer Direct Investing Ltd.

Mawer Direct Investing Ltd. (MDIL) is a subsidiary of Mawer Investment Management Ltd. When you invest with MDIL, a team of experienced Investment Advisors is available to assist you with your personal investment profile and provide recommendations on the best use of the Mawer Mutual Funds to meet your investment goals. This non-discretionary investment management service means that you maintain control over all your investment decisions and changes to your portfolio are made only with your authorization.

Mawer Direct Investing is available to individuals, families, holding corporations and trusts with investment portfolios greater than $50,000 per account.    

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Private Client Investment Counselling

Our Private Client Investment Counselling is grounded on communication and understanding: we strive to gain an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ unique circumstances and objectives. To develop this holistic understanding, your dedicated Investment Counsellor will work with you to create a customized investment portfolio that reflects your time horizon and individual investment goals.       

This is a discretionary service — this means your dedicated Investment Counsellor manages your portfolio on your behalf. This provides peace of mind by freeing you from the ongoing decision-making surrounding your portfolios.

Mawer provides Private Client Investment Counselling for individuals, families, holding corporations, foundations, trusts and estates with investment portfolios greater than $1 million.

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Investing through a Discount Broker or Investment Advisor

Mawer Mutual Funds are also available for purchase through Investment Advisors and discount brokers (with the exception of RBC Direct Investing).

A minimum initial purchase of $5,000 per fund is required. Once the initial minimum is met, there are no minimum requirements for additional investments.

The Mawer Funds are no load — no fees to purchase, switch, or redeem. The Management Expense Ratio (MER) for the Funds is the same regardless of whether they are purchased through a broker or directly with Mawer. Additional Investment Advisor or discount brokerage fees may apply. Explore our funds

To invest through a discount broker or investment advisor, please contact the financial institution or investment advisor directly.



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