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Covered in Peanut Butter

Would you rather give up your favourite food for the rest of your life or take a 5% chance that you’ll wake up covered completely in peanut butter each day?

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Curious word, fun to say, but how relevant is it for investors?

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“HQCRBEMTPDV”: A Focus on Quality

We are often asked to describe our investment style. Is it Growth? Is it Value? While these are two common styles in the investment industry, Mawer’s doesn’t fit neatly into either box. And even among the “mixed” style definitions, GARP—or “growth-at-a-reasonable-price”—doesn’t quite fit the bill.  

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Bayes for days

What to do with signal.

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Into the Deep

As investors, our job is to move beyond well-lit and well understood areas and dive deep into the unknown.

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3 Investing Lessons from 2016

In a year that has kept everyone guessing and at times defied common sense, here are a few tried and true pearls of wisdom that can help take the guesswork out of investing in uncertain times.

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Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

Put the odds in your favour by knowing what you don't know.

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Live Long and Diversify

It’s an uncertain world; position your portfolio to withstand many different outcomes.

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Watch Out For Square Windows

Watch Out for Square Windows

Help minimize risk by rounding out your portfolio's edges.

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Tides Not Waves cropped

Tides not waves

Focus on long-term themes not short-term noise.

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