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Extreme Ownership: The Winning Principle of the U.S. Navy Seals
Kara Lilly, CFA, Investment Strategist
How the world’s best leaders take responsibility and create the conditions for success. Read more

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Caution: Low Flying Planes
When out for a drive, it can be somewhat unnerving to see a sign saying “Caution: Low Flying Aircraft.” What are you supposed to do with that information. Read more


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Discussion Papers

Fine Tuning Your “Baloney Detection” Meter
Kara Lilly, CFA, Investment Strategist
Increasing our ability to detect falsehoods can make us better decision makers. Read more

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3rd Quarter 2015 Investment Newsletter
Volatility increased across asset classes in the third quarter of 2015. China’s economy, weak global commodity prices, and anxiety around if, and when, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates weighed on investors’ minds. This anxious sentiment was matched by weak, global investment returns across equity markets. Read more

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