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Postcards from Singapore
Cameron Webster, CFA
This is the first post in our Postcard from Singapore series with Mawer Chief Investment Officer, Paul Moroz, about his initial impressions and thoughts on relocating from Calgary to Singapore.

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Watch Out For Square Windows

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Watch Out for Square Windows

Help minimize risk by rounding out your portfolio's edges.

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The Million Dollar Lesson

Discussion Papers

The Million Dollar Lesson
Kara Lilly, CFA
First you recognize your mistakes, and then you learn from them. Challenging the stigma around errors and learning how to use them to become better investors by building resilience and wisdom moving forward.

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Quarterly Investment Newsletters

2nd Quarter 2016 Investment Newsletter
The second quarter of 2016 was dominated by the buildup and final tally of the referendum vote heard across the world—Brexit. On June 23rd, the United Kingdom surprised many by voting to leave the European Union, with the ‘Leave’ camp securing 51.9% of the vote versus 48.1% for ‘Remain’. 

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