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Lessons from the children of Mumbai
Paul Moroz, CFA, Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Culture becomes a competitive advantage early on for the children of Mumbai. Read more

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Swimming Naked

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Are You Swimming Naked?
A well-designed process can help protect investors from themselves. The great Warren Buffett once wrote that you only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out. Now is an excellent time to remember those words. Read more

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Expert Problem

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The Expert Problem
Kara Lilly, CFA, Investment Strategist
When we open our minds to a wide set of possibilities—including ideas that initially seem impossible—we make it easier to put the odds in our favour over time. Read more

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2nd Quarter 2015 Investment Newsletter
Central bank action was a dominant theme this quarter. While the ECB and Bank of Japan maintained their massive stimulus programs, the Federal Reserve, bolstered by mostly positive economic data, continued to signal for an interest rate hike sometime this year. Read more

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