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Into the deep

Our team has recently been engrossed by peculiar Instagram posts from Roman Fedortsov, a trawler from Murmansk—a port on Kola Bay in Russia’s extreme northwest. His posts are full of strange and somewhat horrifying creatures pulled from the ocean’s depths. These sea creatures are bold reminders of just how much of the ocean’s depths remain a mystery.

In an era where we assume so much is known, there is something humbling in this...

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Into the Deep

As investors, our job is to move beyond well-lit and well understood areas and dive deep into the unknown.

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When to stand and when to shift

Discussion Papers

When to Stand and When to Shift
Kara Lilly, CFA
In investing, there are going to be times when you should be at odds with the market and times when you should not. Knowing when you should be different is an important question to ask and, from our perspective, should be informed by your goals and principles.

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Quarterly Investment Newsletters

Investment Newsletter | 1Q 2017

The themes that emerged in the fourth quarter of 2016 carried through to the first quarter of 2017. Confidence in the outlook for global economic growth continued to take hold, moving equity markets broadly higher. European and Emerging Markets were the leaders while the U.S. market achieved new all-time highs. Bond yields fluctuated over the last three months, with 10yr Treasuries and 10-yr Government of Canada yields ending the quarter with lower yields than where they started despite a Fed rate hike.

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