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Mawer's Book Recommendations for 2017

Every year, our team pulls together a list of books that influenced our thinking in the previous year. Not all of the recommendations are new books or relate directly to investing, but each one provided the reader with valuable insight. We hope they may provide you with the same.

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Recent Articles

3 Investing Lessons from 2016

In a year that has kept everyone guessing and at times defied common sense, here are a few tried and true pearls of wisdom that can help take the guesswork out of investing in uncertain times.

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Decision Making in an Uncertain World

Discussion Papers

Decision Making in an Uncertain World
Kara Lilly, CFA
Heading into the U.S. election, investors can help put the odds in their favour by knowing what they don’t know.

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Quarterly Investment Newsletters

Investment Newsletter | 4Q 2016

After an extended period of highly correlated markets, (i.e., equities and bonds delivering positive returns in tandem) the fourth quarter was characterized by divergences. Bond markets moved in reaction to growing expectations that changes in the U.S. will lead to higher economic growth accompanied by rising inflation. Generally speaking, equity markets gained in local terms—although Canadian dollar strength negatively impacted most returns outside of North America.

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