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Not-For-Profits and Foundations


Mawer is a leader in managing assets for Not-For-Profit Organizations and Foundations.  The Firm ranks in the top 5 investment managers for not-for-profit and foundation assets in Canada.

We have over 35 years of experience in assisting these organizations to meet their funding requirements and achieve their financial goals with the formulation, implementation and execution of workable investment policies.

Endowments and Foundations are continually challenged to enhance revenue while protecting capital in order to satisfy obligations and to meet operating requirements.

We have been successful in this area because we recognize the need to maximize returns while minimizing risk and maintaining adequate liquidity to meet operational requirements.

Keys to Understanding Our Approach

Our experience has taught us to focus on the following key considerations for such funds:

Development of Investment Policy and Objectives Statement

  • We have extensive experience with all types of not-for-profit organizations in designing investment policy statements that are unique to the specific needs of each organization.

Investment Philosophy and Style

  • Our investment philosophy and style is well suited to not-for-profit mandates.
  • Not-for-Profit organizations normally require an approach to management that is focused on risk management as well as competitive returns.
  • Over a period of over 35 years, Mawer has developed and implemented a distinct investment style that is focused on achieving better than market (value-added) rates of return at lower than market levels of risk.

Communication and Reporting

  • Clear understanding and consistent communication with all stakeholders and fiduciaries regarding the structure and implementation of the Investment Policy is a critical success factor.
  • Many of the principals of our firm have a long-standing record of service on boards of public organizations and this provides us with empathy for assisting board members in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.


  • The need to enhance revenue and operational growth while protecting capital requires a competitive fee structure under not-for-profit and foundation mandates.
  • Mawer offers a fair and competitive institutional fee schedule.

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Director of Strategic Business Development
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