As a recognized leader in managing assets for Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations and Foundations, we understand many of the inherent challenges they face. We work closely with our NFP and Foundation clients, drawing on our extensive fiduciary and philanthropic experience, to provide investment solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

Foundations with investment assets less than $5 million are managed through our Private Client team. Please contact Olivia Woo for more information. 

Our experience has taught us to focus on the following key considerations:

Investment Approach

Our disciplined and time-tested investment approach focuses on achieving attractive long-term returns while minimizing volatility. This investment approach is well suited for NFPs and Foundations who are focused on both risk management and competitive returns.

Investment Policy Statement

We work closely with your Board and Investment Committee to design, implement and execute a customized Investment Policy Statement that satisfies your investment goals and provides specific investment options to meet a particular need.

Client Communication

Our policy is to assign two Institutional Portfolio Managers — a primary manager and a backup manager — as well as a dedicated Portfolio Administrator to each client. This ensures that your investment support team is readily available to respond to any questions or instructions you may have. In addition to regularly scheduled review meetings, we encourage informal contact at all times.

Clear and consistent communication with all stakeholders regarding the structure and implementation of the Investment Policy Statement is critical to our clients' success. Many of our firm members have a long-standing record of service on boards of public organizations and therefore understand the requirements for fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities.


We provide comprehensive reporting that includes transaction, portfolio valuation, performance and asset mix reports.

In addition, we provide education in investments and other relevant topics through our The Art of Boring Blog, Quarterly Investment Newsletter, and Discussion Papers.


Because NFP organizations and Foundations need to enhance revenue and operational growth while continuing to protect their capital, we offer a fair and competitive institutional fee schedule.

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For more information, please contact:

For British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan queries:
Cameron Webster
Institutional Portfolio Manager
Phone: +1 403 775 5717
For Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada queries:
Rob Campbell
Institutional Portfolio Manager
Phone: +1 416 865 5297

For US queries:

Patrick Fournell
Institutional Portfolio Manager
Phone: +1 416 865 5278