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Remember Who Won The Race

The Tortoise and the Hare is a well-known fable about a race with a surprising winner. Slow and steady won that race, while flash and dash came up empty. Investing can be compared to a marathon where short-term bursts of speed count for little. Discipline and a long-term strategy win marathons, and they produce superior investment returns.

Seasoned professionals who adhere to a consistent process win the investing marathon. It is won through diversification and risk management. It is not won through hot tips and hunches. It is not won by concentrating on a handful of stocks or sectors. For example, investors who had all their assets in technology/internet stocks in the late 1990s have had a bitter experience. Many of these stocks were winners over the short haul, and then they fell. Overly concentrated portfolios can perform exceptionally well over the short-term but they are not appropriate long-term investments.

Mawer Investment Management Ltd. has applied a disciplined process to achieve superior risk adjusted results since 1974. Win the race with us.

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