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Mutual Funds

Mawer is proud to offer eleven no-load, low cost mutual funds designed to meet a wide variety of investment objectives and tolerance for risk.

They include:

International, U.S., Global, Global Small Cap, and Canadian Equity, Global Balanced, Balanced, Canadian Bond, and Canadian Money Market. The Mawer Mutual Funds are managed exclusively in-house by an experienced team of specialized investment professionals.

The funds offer no-load investing -- no sales commissions, no set-up fees, no purchase, transfer or redemption fees. The Management Expense Ratios (MERs) are among the lowest in Canada.

Residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario may purchase Mawer Mutual Funds directly from Mawer with a minimum initial purchase of $50,000 per account.

Mutual fund accounts opened directly with Mawer may be self managed by individual investors who wish to manage their own investments using the Mawer Mutual Funds or alternatively, direct investors may seek the assistance of one of our qualified Mutual Fund specialists. Clients receive detailed quarterly reporting as well as Mawer's quarterly Investment Newsletter providing market commentary and analysis for the past quarter.

Mawer Mutual Funds are also available through major brokers, discount brokers and financial planners with a minimum initial purchase of $5,000 (per fund).