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Mawer Mutual Funds are available with a minimum initial investment of $5,000 per fund (per account).
Beyond the initial minimum investment requirement, there are no minimums for additional contributions.


Mawer Mutual Funds Series A series are available through authorized dealer companies.  

Fund Codes

A list of the Series A fund codes and MER information.

Advisor Compensation

Please note there are no trailer fees paid on Series A units of the Mawer Mutual Funds.

Advisors wishing to use conventional load structures can access Mawer's investment expertise through the Manulife Mawer Funds which are sub-advised by Mawer Investment Management Ltd. The funds provide a variety of fee options for advisors.

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Head Office - Fund Information & Sales Support
tel: 888-549-6248

MFDA Member Regulation Notice MR-0058 - Acceptable Securities Location Requirement

A custodial agreement has been executed as of June 21, 2007 between the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA), as bare trustee on behalf of Members, and Mawer Investment Management Ltd., in accordance to the Member Regulation Notice MR-0058, Acceptable Securities Locations.

Questions should be directed to Samantha Duxbury, Manager Financial Compliance at the MFDA.
(updated June 26, 2007)