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What is a Portfolio Manager?

Clients of a Portfolio Manager include individuals, companies, trusts and estates, foundations and corporate pension funds. Investment Counselling firms, as in other professions, range from single practitioners to large firms with many partners, but all should adhere to the same principles of ethics and competence.

An attribute that differentiates investment counselling firms from other types of investment organizations is membership of portfolio managers in the CFA Institute, a highly respected international organization that supervises the strict ethical conduct and professional standards of the Investment Counselling industry. Portfolio managers carry the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation which is awarded by the CFA Institute. The CFA designation is recognized internationally as the highest standard of education in the investment industry.

A Portfolio Manager offers continuous ongoing management of a client's portfolio. Portfolio Managers are trained to select securities for the portfolio that match the client's circumstances and requirements.

At the beginning of the client/investment counsel relationship, an investment policy is established based on a clear understanding of the client's needs, tax status and risk tolerance. This leads to properly documented investment objectives for the portfolio.