(Not) boring finds for August 2017

August 2, 2017 | Mawer Print

This month we are inspired by Da Vinci on how to think creatively; a bit stunned by familiar objects that may go the way of the dodo; pondering about the potential of big data; appreciative of thoughtful investing podcasts; and less anxious about listening to audiobooks.

Webinar Wisdom — Leonardo da Vinci would like a word with you

How thinking creatively like Leo will make you a visionary in the workplace and avoid ruts in inspiration. Plus, six new Italian words you can quote during parties. Va bene!

NBC News — Seven Familiar Things That Will Disappear in the Next Decade

Are they what you’d guess?

FA Institute Magazine — Code Wed: Can artificial intelligence arrange a perfect marriage of technology and human judgment?

We "quant" quite believe it—but it may just be possible.

The Investor’s Field Guide Podcast — The Art of Asset Allocation, with David Salem – [Invest Like the Best, EP.38]

Tune into a podcast covering a gamut of probing themes in money management from asset allocation, to human behavior, and the fear of missing out. David Salem, CIO of Windhorse Group, guest stars.

The Walrus — Audiobook Anxiety and What Constitutes ‘Real’ Reading'

Is listening to an audio book cheating? Is oral storytelling better than silent reading? Does it matter?

Read on and consider: “We don’t worry about “cheating” if we listen to music while doing housework, or fail to give every single painting in a gallery our full attention, so why would we apply this anxiety to our experiences of reading?”


  • Dave Kelly 05/08/2017 4:37pm (12 months ago)

    I just want to say thank you for introducing me to The Investor’s Field Guide Podcast. What an amazing treasure trove of ideas.

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