(Not) boring finds for October 2015

Our team comes across hundreds of weird and wonderful reads in our daily research. Below are the handful that stood out for us last month.

Not everything below is technically about investing—but everything relates back to investing or decision-making in some way.



  • China’s impact on the rest of the world (infographic)
  • The Prince of Counter Terrorism
  • The CFA on investor psychology and our weakness for stories
  • The Box that Build the Modern World: how shipping containers made distance irrelevant


  • Investor Tom Russo talks about why management teams need the “ability to suffer” in order to invest in projects that pay off in the long-run. His speech begins at 3:30.
  • Michael Lombardi on the four aspects of leadership, coaching and decision-making in the NFL


Best Quote

“I have no doubt in China’s ability to deliver the number they feel is appropriate”

HSBC economist Frederic Neumann



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