We Invest in the Places Where We Work—and Live

We believe in contributing meaningfully to the vitality of our communities. Through sponsorships, donations, fundraising, volunteering and our employee giving programs, our collective support reaches a wide variety of local and national organizations spanning education, health, community outreach, poverty reduction, the arts, and more.

Our Commitment

As a certified Caring Company, we are committed to donating a minimum of 1% of our pre-tax profits back into our communities. We also make an annual donation equal to 10% of our management fee to our institutional charitable organization clients that qualify. 

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We Build Long-Term Partnerships

We are a long-time lead conference sponsor and partner of the Community Foundations of Canada, which provides national leadership organization for Canada’s 191+ local community foundations.


Our Employee Giving Programs

Mawer Employee Matching Program

We offer employees up to $3K in annual matched contributions, whether it’s donations, fundraising, and/or volunteering to the registered charities of their choice.

Choose Your Cause

Every month, employees submit nominations for causes to receive a monthly $10K donation determined by employee votes.

United Way Campaign

Our annual United Way campaign sparks participation from across the entire company through a series of fun and engaging fundraising activities, like our Skills & Thrills Auction (employees donate their time and experiences), unique contests, and more. 


Community Involvement

We provide and participate in many volunteer initiatives, from making lunches with Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, to delivering gift baskets to seniors with Calgary Seniors Society, as well as employee-led fundraising campaigns like Movember (six years running and over $53K matched so far). Additionally, we broke $2 million in funds raised through the Jamboree for Charity since its inception.

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“Investing in the well-being and prosperity of society has always been at the core of who we are—it’s about doing the right thing.”

Craig Senyk, Chair