Disciplined. Focused. Curious.

We are bottom-up, fundamental, global investors who ignore fads and take a long-term view.  

We’re looking for candidates who can demonstrate a track record of excellence and passion for investing; for individuals who want to be a part of a high-performing team in pursuit of being the best; and driven professionals who want to accelerate their career.

A Research Career at Mawer

Joining our Research team means you will get to operate at your best, push yourself beyond what you thought possible, and be well-compensated for doing so.

You will be surrounded and supported by a diverse team of high-performers all striving to make a real, material difference in the world. We’ve worked hard to build a culture of candour and trust. Open debate is encouraged because we believe diverse thinking is a competitive advantage—it helps to combat cognitive bias, keep us humble, and strengthen our decision-making.

As a new analyst, you will go through a one to two-year rotation program working with each asset class, allowing you to broaden your perspective and deepen your learning. Across asset classes, we work as generalists rather than specialists—researching across a wide spectrum of sectors, industries, and geographies. We follow one investment philosophy which helps to create a shared, common language across our team that enables effective communication.

Regardless of tenure or experience, we expect and empower everyone on our team to tinker, improve, and refine our processes. We value independent thought and autonomy. And, we invest in our people for the long-term: over 30% of our team has been with us for ten years or more.

Working in Research

An idea we recently implemented is a learning stipend for each person on the team (which has now been adopted firm-wide).

The proposal came from one of our retreats where the team goes off-site for a few days to connect. Everyone had to come up with a “10x” idea over dinner and drinks, with the goal of finding new ways to become 10x better investors.

The seed behind the learning stipend concept was to combine tinkering and autonomy, which we believe are essential ingredients to accelerate learning. With a specifically ear-marked “tuition,” each team member can now decide where and how to invest in themselves. This no-questions-asked policy reduces friction, with the only request being that everyone share their learnings with the broader team so that we can all grow together.

I think the stipend speaks to our drive for excellence—to be the best by learning faster than the rest of the market, in part from a culture of experimentation as individuals and a team. The firm is committed to providing us with the resources and freedom needed to get better, and this program is just one of many ways that we get “paid to learn” at Mawer.

I’ve spoken to others in the industry and many talk about encountering a “sink or swim” mentality when it comes to training new hires. This is one aspect that I’m proud to say is extremely different at Mawer. We offer an extensive training and onboarding process, which includes rotating through all asset classes in the first couple years;  all new hires receiving an assigned coach that meets with them weekly; as well as extensive feedback on all reports, management calls, and presentations.

For hires that are eager to learn, I don’t think there is a better place in which to move up the learning curve.

We really push for decentralized decision-making on the Research team, which allowed me to start The Lab—a cross-functional team of Business Technology and Research joining forces to build tools to better assess companies.

It’s not a hyper-structured or overly corporate team. The beauty of The Lab is that it, too, is decentralized. No one tells people what to work on; everyone is trusted with decision-making powers, how to direct their work, or what to prioritize. Role or title never factor into team dynamics.

I think we flip leadership on its head and show the beauty of having no hierarchies. As one of the leaders of The Lab, I get to approach things like, “how do I serve you” to make this initiative happen? It’s about empowering staff. Leaders in this case become more like guardrails.

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Student Internship Program

We offer a select number of internship placements every year. Applicants get to fully participate on our team as an analyst. Successful candidates will gain real, hands-on experience as well as direct guidance and mentorship from award-winning, highly experienced investors. In some cases, our students have even gone on to join us in a permanent capacity. Visit our website throughout the year for upcoming internship opportunities.

“At Mawer, an intern performs the same duties as a full-time analyst and is expected to produce the same level of quality work. This may sound daunting, but with the support my colleagues gave, it made my summer one of the most enriching experiences.”

Helen Feng, Student Intern 2019

Current Research Opportunities

No research positions currently available. If you would like to learn more, please email Nikki Barczewska.