Mawer Canadian Bond Fund

As at December 31, 2018

Morningstar RatingTM: (as at Dec 31, 2018)
Fund Inception Date: June 21, 1991
Fund Net Asset Value: $2,516.7 million
Total Net Asset Value (Series A): $138.5 million
Net Asset Value Per Unit: $12.67
RRSP Eligibility: Yes
Management Expense Ratio: 0.68% (as at Dec 31, 2018)
Fund Code: MAW100

What does this Fund Invest In?

The Fund invests primarily in bonds and debentures of Canadian government and corporate issuers. Treasury bills or short-term investments, not exceeding three years to maturity, may still be used from time to time.

Investor Suitability

Investors seeking income and stability. Low to medium risk.

Investment Strategy

Portfolios are all investment grade. Core positions in Government of Canada bonds are established based on the shape of the yield curve and level of interest rates. To add value, we construct enhanced positions in provincial, municipal and corporate bonds based on yield spread, security selection, and trading strategies.

Net Performance

1-Yr 3-Yr 5-Yr 10-Yr
Mawer Canadian Bond Fund 0.8 1.0 2.8 3.4
FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index 1.4 1.9 3.5 4.2
Morningstar Rating 3 2 3 3
Number of Funds in Morningstar Category Cdn Fixed Income 510 416 344 155

Number of Holdings1: 99
Yield to Maturity (%): 2.8
Modified Duration (Yrs): 7.5

Top 25 Holdings% Weight
Government Of Canada 2.75% 01-Jun-2022 5.1
Canada Housing Trust No. 1 1.25% 15-Jun-2021 3.7
Government Of Canada 4.0% 01-Jun-2041 3.6
Province Of British Columbia 3.3% 18-Dec-2023 3.1
Government Of Canada 1.5% 01-Jun-2023 3.1
Government Of Canada 1.0% 01-Jun-2027 3.0
Province Of Ontario 4.65% 02-Jun-2041 3.0
Canada Housing Trust No. 1 2.55% 15-Mar-2025 2.9
Government Of Canada 3.5% 01-Dec-2045 2.8
Province Of Quebec 3.5% 01-Dec-2045 2.7
Province Of Ontario 6.5% 08-Mar-2029 2.5
Province Of Quebec 3.0% 01-Sep-2023 2.2
Province Of Quebec 6.25% 01-Jun-2032 2.0
Province Of Saskatchewan 3.3% 02-Jun-2048 1.9
Province Of Saskatchewan 3.05% 02-Dec-2028 1.7
Government Of Canada 2.25% 01-Jun-2029 1.7
Province Of Ontario 3.5% 02-Jun-2024 1.6
Canada Housing Trust No. 1 1.9% 15-Sep-2026 1.6
Province Of British Columbia 6.35% 18-Jun-2031 1.5
Province Of Ontario 2.6% 02-Jun-2025 1.5
Canada Housing Trust No. 1 Frn 15-Mar-2022 1.3
Province Of Alberta 2.35% 01-Jun-2025 1.1
Royal Bank Of Canada 2.86% 04-Mar-2021 1.1
Government Of Canada 5.75% 01-Jun-2029 1.0
Can 97510312 1.84000% 12/01/2022 1.0

1 Fixed income holdings excluding cash.

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Index returns are supplied by a third party—we believe the data to be accurate, however, cannot guarantee its accuracy. Index returns are sourced from FTSE Russell, FactSet and BMO Capital Markets.

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