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Covered in peanut butter

Would you rather give up your favourite food for the rest of your life or take a 5% chance that you’ll wake up covered completely in peanut butter each day?

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Curious word, fun to say, but how relevant is it for investors?

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HQ tiles final

“HQCRBEMTPDIV”: A focus on quality

Sometimes a great investment process doesn't fit neatly into any box.

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Bayes for days

What to do with signal

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Into the deep

As investors, our job is to move beyond well-lit and well understood areas and dive deep into the unknown.

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Watch our for square windows

Help minimize risk by rounding out your portfolio's edges.

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Tides not waves

Focus on long-term themes not short-term noise.

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Caution: low flying planes

A systematic approach can help investors keep their focus on the road ahead.

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Are you swimming naked?

A well-designed process can help protect investors from themselves.

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The 10,000 year clock

Build a resilient investment portfolio by thinking long term.

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The trouble with entropy

In a world of increasing disorder, how do you maintain order in your investments?

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Can you resist the marshmallow?

Practising self-discipline is critical for investors, but mastering ourselves is no easy feat.

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Don’t be a turkey

Positive investment returns in a certain country or sector are not necessarily indicative of positive future returns.

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Don’t fix a ship in a hurricane

To endure volatile times, your portfolio should be built for resiliency.

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Taming your inner elephant

Investors are often told they need to strip emotions out of their investment decisions. Like most advice, this is much easier said than done.

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Think micro, not macro

Every day, we are exposed to what seems like a never-ending barrage of macroeconomic information. Some of it matters, but much of it does not.

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Worth the wait: crocodile investing

The crocodile is a notoriously patient predator that carefully strikes at the right opportunity. Its strategy is useful for investors – but can be difficult to implement.

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