As investors, our job is to move beyond well-lit and well understood areas and dive deep into the unknown.

Deep sea discovery is an area of fascination within our research team. While much of the earth’s surface has been explored, most of the ocean remains uncharted. Indeed, our journeys into the ocean’s depths continue to reveal new species; strange creatures like tardigrades, frill sharks or anglerfish. In an era where we assume so much is known, there is something humbling in this.

angler fish edited2As investors, we can learn much from the spirit of deep sea exploration. It is our job to move beyond well-lit and well understood areas, and dive deep into the unknown. Whether it is exploring a new business model, technology, or country, we must be willing to pursue areas of the market that are dark to us if we are to gain advantages. In our team, one of the best examples of the pursuit into the unknown comes from “The Lab.”

The Lab at Mawer is comprised of a team within research that applies statistical rigor to important questions about markets. The Lab seeks to better understand factors influencing value creation and to use those insights to identify market opportunities.

For example, in the past year the Lab has considered the following questions:

  • Historically, what countries have the most wealth-creating businesses?
  • Historically, which industries are the most wealth-creating? Wealth-destroying?
  • Historically, which parts of the Mawer research process add the most value? Which parts add the least?

By applying statistical rigor to these questions, which previously had only stories for answers, we move farther into uncharted territory in an attempt to shed new light on our surroundings. Clearly each voyage into the unknown is not going to necessarily yield results; however, through our ongoing exploration, we open ourselves up to the possibility of a game-changing, transformative discovery.

It’s a vast ocean.

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