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Not boring finds for July 2019

(Not) boring finds for July 2019

Piquing our interest this month: why companies seem to be undervalued in Japan; what to do in a falling stock market; how chess computers have developed over time; and some investing wisdom from Wall Street personal finance columnist, Jason Zweig.

July 31, 2019 2 Mins
Not boring finds January 24

(Not) boring finds for January 2018

How the laws of biology and financial ecosystems relate; digital tech takes way longer than we think to become mainstream; humans are creative at forecasting the future; and China is going cashless.

January 24, 2018 2 Mins
Not boring finds for 2017

(Not) boring finds for 2017

Below are some of our favourite links from the year—from the inescapability of bias, to cracking cryptocurrencies, pondering the man vs. machine debate, and learning the art of asset allocation—we think it's a good gamut to send off 2017.

December 27, 2017 4 Mins
life at railway speed

Life at railway speed: Lessons from the technology hype cycle

In 1845, Scottish poet and author, William Aytoun, published his satire, How we got up the Glenmutchkin Railway, and how we got out of it. His story focused on the railway stock frenzy that gripped Great Britain, with the aim...

November 28, 2017 14 Mins
Not boring finds Aug

(Not) boring finds for August 2017

This month we are inspired by Da Vinci on how to think creatively; a bit stunned by familiar objects that may go the way of the dodo; pondering about the potential of big data; appreciative of thoughtful investing podcasts; and...

August 2, 2017 2 Mins
Not Boring Links2

(Not) boring finds for June 2017

Articles that made us pause and ponder this month.

May 31, 2017 2 Mins

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