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Playing the plan Mawer international equity portfolio EP79

Playing the plan: Mawer’s international equity portfolio | EP79

Lead portfolio manager, David Ragan, discusses how the portfolio did over the past year, why some companies were more resilient than others, and what makes skepticism a competitive advantage.

January 27, 2021 28 Mins
Playing the plan Mawer Canadian equity portfolio EP74

Playing the plan: Mawer’s Canadian equity portfolio | EP74

A deep dive into three new holdings: Stella-Jones, Ritchie Bros. , and Granite REIT, and what we mean when we say “winning by not losing. ”

October 21, 2020 31 Mins
EP 71 Playing the plan Mawers global equity portfolio

Playing the plan: Mawer's global equity portfolio | EP71

CIO Paul Moroz discusses resilience, global monetary policy, and current themes such as TikTok and a potential “technological iron curtain. ”

September 9, 2020 25 Mins
Playing the plan Mawers Canadian small cap portfolio EP 68

Playing the plan: Mawer’s Canadian small cap portfolio | EP68

The impacts, risks, and potential opportunities from the COVID-19 crisis fallout on the Canadian small cap universe, and why valuations are ultimately a “blunt tool. ”

July 29, 2020 22 Mins
QA with CIO The top questions being asked right now EP58

Q&A with CIO: The top questions being asked right now | EP58

CIO, Paul Moroz, answers clients’ most frequently asked questions during these extraordinary times.

April 2, 2020 24 Mins
EP52 GEF Playing the plan

Playing the plan: Mawer’s global equity portfolio | EP52

CIO Paul Moroz discusses how we’ve approach building resilient global portfolios over the years, the new “Cold War” between China and the U. S. and its wider reaching impact, and how “the real money’s in the holding. ”

February 5, 2020 29 Mins

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