(Not) boring finds for February 2020

February 26, 2020 | Mawer Print

Why, in investing, it is better to "avoid the zeros"; what 700 years of falling interest rates look like; how mathematics can be a study in wonder (i.e., fun); and the way spices spurred on empires.

Of Dollars and Data – Why avoiding bad decisions is more important than making great decisions

“The better strategy for investors then is not to try and win, but to not lose.”

Visual Capitalist – Visualizing the 700-year fall of interest rates

A historical look at interest rates with considerations around why they have been steadily falling.

Farnam Street’s The Knowledge Project Podcast – Steven Strogatz: Exploring curiosities [1:35 min]

Why mathematics should be fun (lose its negative stigma), some useful mental models for learning and decision-making, and more. An interview with lauded mathematician, professor, and author, Steven Strogatz.

The New York Times – How spices have made, and unmade, empires

How the spice trade helped to shape the modern world as one of “the first engines of globalization.”


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