(Not) boring finds for January 2020

January 29, 2020 | Mawer Print

We close the first month of 2020 by considering the WEF’s list of the top global economic risks (sorted by likelihood and potential extent of impact), Howard Mark’s framework for assessing investment decisions (game theory makes an appearance), what Houdini has to do with risk, and really, what the rise of 5G means for tech.

World Economic Forum – The top risks of the new decade 

Issues related to climate change and data security dominate the top of the list. For the full report, click here.

Oaktree Capital – Latest Howard Marks Memo: You Bet!

On making decisions under uncertainty (i.e., every time), and the challenge of gauging the quality of those decisions.

Collaborative Fund – Risk is what you don’t see

“We are bad at forecasting the economy. But that’s not because we can’t analyze how an event will impact the economy. We just can’t analyze events we haven’t considered to begin with. Risk is what you don’t see.”

WIRED – Where the 5G data storm will hit first

What does “5G” and its arrival really mean?


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