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(Not) boring finds for June 2019

June 26, 2019

This month we learned that broader lessons from history have more leverage; how the shifts over time in the intangible tech economy are impacting businesses and consumers; that AIs are getting more lifelike and creative; and that it’s important to stop anticipating bad things happening and be more present.

Collaborative Fund – Five lessons from history

Important investing lessons we can learn from history, and the argument that the more generally a lesson can be applied, the better.

American Affairs – Subscription capitalism: The story of a power shift

An interesting view on the transformational shift in internet services and computing technology and the effects on businesses.

Reuters – Ai-Da, the humanoid robot artist, gears up for first solo exhibition [video, 11:35 min]

A short video about a humanoid AI named Ai-Da, after Ada Lovelace, that can see and produce art—just incredible! (If not a little bit off-putting…)

Brain Pickings – A Stoic’s key to peace of mind: Seneca on the antidote to anxiety

Some wisdom from our favourite Stoic to un-train your mind from anticipating potential troubles.

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