(Not) boring finds for March 2019

March 27, 2019 | Mawer Print

Our finds this month include insights into the future of e-commerce, why investing in good service can bolster a business model, Howard Marks on what an investor needs to succeed, and a nudge to laugh a bit more in the office.

Shopify – What is the future of e-commerce? 10 insights on the evolution of an industry

Great insight and overview on the current and future state of e-commerce. And it’s not about that old dichotomy of online vs. offline.

Kwokchain – Aligning business models to markets

On the importance of investing in service: “providing a high level of service is a choice that must be supported by your business model. Few can afford the investment. But for those that can, the dividends are significant.”

Enterprising Investor – Howard Marks: Getting the odds on your side

We like the distinction Mr. Marks makes between not being able to know what the future holds and the ability to identify where the market stands in the cycle.

World Economic Forum – We should take humour in the workplace more seriously

The power of humour to do good in the workplace and a few key guidelines on how to make sure it lands.


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