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(Not) boring finds for May 2019

May 30, 2019

The need to check and recheck your numbers, a bull market for baby teeth, the lures of personal finance personalities, and how Instagram is becoming the new mall…it was an interesting month.

Of Dollars and Data – The errors that I don’t see

Why putting in the time to recheck your information can give you an edge: “you can build a reputation where you are known and trusted for your accuracy…[and] having a reputation for being accurate will only increase in value.”

Aeon – It’s a bull market for baby teeth, so spare a thought for the Tooth Fairy [video, 4 min]

A great short video on the valuation of teeth these days.  

“The going rate for a tooth has risen considerably, especially over the past two decades, during which the average sum paid out by the Tooth Fairy has ballooned to more than $4—a rate that far outpaces U.S. inflation over the same period. So what explains the increase?”

A Wealth of Common Sense – The Stephen A. Smiths of personal finance

An important reminder that much of what the personal finance gurus tell us is more about entertainment than advice. 

The Atlantic – Instagram is the new mall

On Instagram’s deliberate shift into e-commerce.

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