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(Not) boring finds for May 2020

May 27, 2020

A podcast about decision-making theory, a global fiscal policy tracker, a blog about market assumptions, and an infinite monkey theorem experiment. The ideas springs have sprung.

Capital Allocators Podcast – Annie Duke – Decision making in a crisis [38 min]

"When you're dealing with complexity, the solution isn't really decision-makers, we think things are complicated when they are actually complex. We treat things as solvable and knowable, when they're not."

Poker legend and decision strategist Annie Duke explains the difference between complex and complicated decisions, the role time vs. certainty plays in decision-making, and more.

International Monetary Fund – Policy responses to COVID-19

Curious to know fiscal policy by country in response to the COVID-19 fallout? The IMF created a tracker.

A Wealth of Common Sense – Making sense of a stock market that doesn’t make any sense

From April, but still applicable—a reminder to investors to avoid making assumptions.

The Pudding – The infinite monkey theorem experiment

A live experiment involving infinity, probabilities, randomness, music...and monkeys?

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