(Not) boring finds for this week – March 28, 2018

March 28, 2018 | Mawer Print

Will the love affair with private equity end the way of the 1849 Gold Rush (i.e., not well)? Just how large is Canada’s shadow economy? What is Jeremy Grantham’s battle plan for an overvalued U.S. stock market? And how hard is Sichuan opera, really?

We find out this week.

American Affairs – Private equity: overvalued and overrated?

It may be another potential casualty of the low interest rate environment.

FraserForum, The Fraser Institute Blog – Canada’s shadow economy—a shadow of its former self 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has some fascinating estimates on what proportion of an overall economy is a ‘shadow’ one—legal activities that go unreported for regulatory or tax reasons. Canada’s is perhaps lower than expected at 14%, and has appeared to be shrinking over time. With marijuana production and distribution moving into the legalized light, the potential changes to Canada’s GDP will be something to watch.

Institutional Investor – Why is no one listening to Jeremy Grantham?

Keep an eye on investor euphoria levels (or “touchy-feelies”), Grantham says. They may just presage a bubble.

Aeon Magazine – The extraordinary physical and mental demands of performing Sichuan opera (video: 5 min)

We admire and can relate to the challenge of sticking to a difficult work process.


  • Marty 29/03/2018 6:46am (7 months ago)

    Excellent choice of timely articles.

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