(Not) boring finds for this week – May 30, 2018

May 30, 2018 | Mawer Print

On the docket this week is an in-depth study of the effects of high household debt; the harrowing developments in data mining for surveillance; a surprising perspective on Bangladesh’s economic state; and a podcast aimed to help you with better decision-making. 

Milken Institute Review – Household debt

A comprehensive review of the broader potential impacts of high household debt in the United States. Canadians may also (need to) find a useful learning or two.

 Bloomberg Businessweek – Palantir knows everything about you

All about Palantir Technologies’ hair-raising work on monitoring employees at JP Morgan; how their software is used as a kind of law enforcement for predicting crime; and its quest to “figure out how to be rewarded on Wall Street without creeping out Main Street.”

Here’s one more quote, because it’s a good one: “Computers don’t ask moral questions, people do.”

World Economic Forum – This is what you need to know about Bangladesh's remarkable economic rise

An article that broadened our perspective and gave us that satisfaction of learning something new. Did you know that Bangladesh’s GDP growth is accelerating and could surpass India’s this year? Both the gradual empowerment of women and increasing progressive thought around labour laws have been cited as main contributing factors.

The Knowledge Project podcast – [Episode 28] The return of a decision-making Jedi: my discussion with Michael Mauboussin (1 hr 16 min) 

As you May have noticed (yes, that was intentional), May the 4th waxed and waned in a parade of Star Wars puns.

Fittingly, we found this interview between Shane Parrish of Farnam Street and Michael Mauboussin, Director of Research at BlueMountain Capital Management, about decision-making frameworks that can help in both the professional and personal spheres topical. Also, the potential to become decision-making Jedis.


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