(Not) boring finds for April 2016

April 5, 2016 | Kara Lilly Print

Our team comes across hundreds of weird and wonderful reads in our daily research. Below are the handful that stood out for us last month.

Not everything below is technically about investing—but everything relates back to investing or decision-making in some way.


Investor Psychology

A Wealth of Common Sense – Investors in Search of 7-Minute Abs

New York Times – Why We Think We’re Better Investors Than We Are

Great Minds

Einstein’s salute to Max Planck on his 60th birthday

Daniel Kahneman – The marvels and flaws of intuitive thinking (video)

Business Insider – An Interview with Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio

Curious and Curiouser

Washington Post – The rise of the ‘gentleman’s A’ and the GPA arms race and Larry Summers’ reply: If we really valued excellence, we would single it out

Wait but Why - The Jelly Bean Problem




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