(Not) boring finds for May 2016

May 5, 2016 | Andrew Johnson Print

Our team comes across hundreds of weird and wonderful reads in our daily research. Below are the handful that stood out for us last month.

Not everything below is technically about investing—but everything relates back to investing or decision-making in some way.


The Big Picture

Fortune Financial Advisors - You Can’t Have Creation without the Destruction

World Economic Forum - What Happens when Demand for Oil Peaks?

Pew Research Center - 10 Demographic Trends that are Shaping the U.S. and the World

BloombergView - China Wants to Power the World

BloombergView - Forecasters Keep Trying to Predict the Future

On Monetary Policy

BIS - Vítor Constâncio: International Headwinds and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy

GMO White Paper - The Stock Market as Monetary Policy Junkie: Quantifying the Fed's Impact on the S&P 500

On Brexit

BBC News - The UK's EU Referendum: All You Need to Know

CFR Backgrounders - The Debate over ‘Brexit’

Company Life

Business Insights by Stanford Business - Why Messy Beats Perfection at Hewlett-Packard

Inc. - The Happiest Workplaces Have These 4 Things in Common

Slate - Tesla’s Real Innovation Isn’t The Electric Car

Just Because

Neurologica Blog - Should We Hide from Aliens?

BuzzFeed - If McDonald’s Advertised Like Apple (video)

BigThink - A Lesson on Improv Technique, with Chris Gethard (video)




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