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Not boring finds for august 2019

(Not) boring finds for August 2019

On the docket this August is another memo from Howard Marks; a guide on the recent yield curve inversion; Jim O’Shaughnessy on the challenges but potential upsides of active investing; and the reminder that investors have more of a time...

August 28, 2019 2 Mins
Story telling is for bedtime

Storytelling is for bedtime: How we produce evidence-based research

We believe that clear communication of ideas and analysis contributes to sound decision-making.

August 14, 2019 5 Mins
Not boring finds for July 2019

(Not) boring finds for July 2019

Piquing our interest this month: why companies seem to be undervalued in Japan; what to do in a falling stock market; how chess computers have developed over time; and some investing wisdom from Wall Street personal finance columnist, Jason Zweig.

July 31, 2019 2 Mins
mawers summer reads 2019

Mawer’s 2019 summer reads

Given the extent of voracious readers we have here at Mawer, pulling together a recommended reads post is no easy task!

July 3, 2019 3 Mins
Not boring finds for June 2019

(Not) boring finds for June 2019

This month we learned that broader lessons from history have more leverage; how the shifts over time in the intangible tech economy are impacting businesses and consumers; that AIs are getting more lifelike and creative; and that it’s important to...

June 26, 2019 1 Mins
A fish doesnt know its surrounded by water

A fish doesn’t know it’s surrounded by water: The importance of investing globally

We have found that many Canadian investors—or any investor, for that matter—can be reluctant to diversify beyond their borders, but portfolios solely invested in Canada might as well be an egg crate on a rickety motorcycle.

June 19, 2019 5 Mins
Quarterly update Q3 2020 EP73

Quarterly update | Q3 2020 | EP73

A review of the quarter: the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on economic activity, continuing fiscal and monetary stimulus, and the run-up to the U. S. election.

October 12, 2020 17 Mins
Playing the plan Mawer Canadian bond portfolio EP72

Playing the plan: Mawer's Canadian bond portfolio | EP72

Crista Caughlin, lead portfolio manager of Mawer’s fixed income strategies, discusses potential impacts of increasing global debt in a low interest rate environment and the three economic scenarios top of mind for the bond team.

September 30, 2020 19 Mins
EP 71 Playing the plan Mawers global equity portfolio

Playing the plan: Mawer's global equity portfolio | EP71

CIO Paul Moroz discusses resilience, global monetary policy, and current themes such as TikTok and a potential “technological iron curtain. ”

September 9, 2020 25 Mins
Playing the plan Mawer emerging markets equity portfolio EP70

Playing the plan: Mawer's emerging markets equity portfolio | EP70

Building resiliency while finding opportunities in emerging markets.

August 19, 2020 21 Mins
Investment potential within the payments industry EP69

Investment potential within the payments industry | EP69

A deep dive into the themes, fundamentals, and opportunity sets in the payments industry.

August 12, 2020 36 Mins
Playing the plan Mawers Canadian small cap portfolio EP 68

Playing the plan: Mawer’s Canadian small cap portfolio | EP68

The impacts, risks, and potential opportunities from the COVID-19 crisis fallout on the Canadian small cap universe, and why valuations are ultimately a “blunt tool. ”

July 29, 2020 22 Mins

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