It's about focus

We concentrate on 14 investment strategies across equity, balanced, and fixed income asset classes to meet a variety of investment needs. Our funds offer no-load investingno sales or trailing commissions, no set-up fees, and no purchase, transfer, or redemption fees.

Ways to invest

Ways to invest

We offer a number of ways to invest with us based on the amount of advice you desire and your level of investment.

Tools to help you meet your investment goals

Build a diverse portfolio with Mawer Mutual Funds or assess whether your current retirement plan will help keep you on track.

Do the right thing

Our founder Charles Mawer had a single mantra—“do the right thing”—for clients, employees, and the community. His unrivalled integrity continues to guide us today.

In the news

There’s still a lot of wealth-creating opportunities for investors in the gaming industry
The Globe and Mail |  Joshua Samuel and Justin Anderson |  May 18, 2021

"The shift in the gaming industry over the last 10 years has been significant, and with it, the investment potential."