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Balanced Fund vs. Tax Effective Balanced Fund

December 6, 2017

The Mawer Balanced Fund and the Mawer Tax Effective Balanced Fund hold the same allocation of securities. The primary difference lies in the minor variances in tax strategies applied within the Tax Effective Fund.

The Tax Effective Fund tries to minimize distributions to unit holders in order to defer tax liabilities, allowing the investment to grow with less of a tax drag. This is achieved by holding the underlying securities individually (instead of holding funds as in the case of the Mawer Balanced Fund) and offsetting capital gains with capital losses. It is important to note that the Tax Effective Balanced Fund’s performance and activity will ultimately dictate the overall effectiveness of the strategy. The long term impact of the tax strategy is our key focus, while year over year distributions may vary.

Volatility for both funds is generally average, so both are recommended for investors who have a medium to long-term time horizon.

Bottom Line: We recommend that investors hold the Mawer Balanced Fund in tax sheltered accounts (RRSPs, retirement income funds, locked in retirement plans, pensions, tax free savings accounts etc.) and hold the Tax Effective Balanced Fund in non-registered, fully taxable accounts.*

Mawer Balanced Fund

Fund Managers:
Greg Peterson, CFA 
Steven Visscher, CFA

Investors in the Mawer Balanced Fund only pay ONE Management Expense Ratio (MER) listed below. They do NOT pay the MERs for each of the underlying funds.

MER: 0.91% (as at Dec 31, 2018)

Fund summary:
Invests in Canadian, U.S., and international equity securities, as well as bonds and debentures of Canadian government and corporate issues primarily through funds managed by Mawer.

Essentially it’s a fund of funds that includes managed allocations to the following:

  • Mawer Money Market Fund
  • Mawer New Canada Fund
  • Mawer Global Bond Fund
  • Mawer U.S. Equity Fund
  • Mawer Canadian Bond Fund
  • Mawer International Equity Fund
  • Mawer Canadian Equity Fund
  • Mawer Global Small Cap Fund

Fund Summary:
The Fund’s objective is to balance incoming growth in order to achieve attractive long-term returns with a measure of stability for non-taxable investors.

The Mawer Balanced Fund pays out interest income monthly, so long as the distribution amount is higher than the MER expense. Dividend income is paid out annually, when the underlying equity funds distribute their income. Capital gains distributions also occur annually in December.

Mawer Tax Effective Balanced Fund

Fund Managers: 
Steven Visscher, CFA

MER: 0.89% (as at Dec 31, 2018)

Fund summary:
Invests up to all of its assets in equity and equity-related securities, treasury bills, short-term notes, debentures and bonds from Canadian, U.S. and international issuers or in other funds managed by Mawer. They can be of any size and from any industry. The objective is to provide attractive long-term returns on both a pre-tax and after tax basis with a measure of stability.

The Mawer Tax Effective Balanced Fund pays out interest and dividend income monthly, so long as the distribution amount is higher than the MER expense. Capital gains distributions occur annually in December.

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